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Spartan Precision Machining Inc.

Spartan Precision Machining, Inc. was formed by combining three separate companies, SFR Precision Turning, Inc., Accucam Precision Machining, Inc. and BC Manufacturing, Inc., each of which provided excellent service in its respective niche.

The goal of Spartan is to take the individual capabilities of SFR, Accucam and BC and, through their combined skills, an emphasis on improving the equipment utilized in the business and a commitment to employee education and training, offer our customers the enhanced capabilities they would find in a much larger machine shop, but to do so while providing the unparalleled customer service that our customers are used to receiving from a small shop.
Spartan President & Founder, Michael Benoit

Our Core Values


At Spartan, we believe that customer service is the reason we exist. Our success is dependent upon our customers’ success, and we pledge to do whatever is necessary to ensure a quality part is delivered on time and on budget.


At Spartan, we take pride in our work and having the focused attitude that drives systematic and consistent results.


At Spartan, we believe in doing things right the first time, and every subsequent time.


At Spartan, we believe in being a reliable vendor and trade partner. Earning trust by matching our behaviors to our work, being responsible for our actions and holding ourselves to the highest possible standards.


At Spartan, we believe in the skills, strengths and knowledge of our diverse team. We strongly promote personal advancement and training of our employees. They are and will always be our competitive advantage.


At Spartan, we believe in being process-oriented to ensure the repeatability and accountability to our customers and trade partners, enabling us to measure and continually improve our performance.


Our culture is one of adaptability and excellence. We are constantly re-examining our capabilities and processes to ensure our company remains innovative and prepared to meet the future demands of our customers. Built on a foundation of hard work and dedication, our knowledgeable team focuses on holding onto values while modernizing methods. We strive to excel in every aspect of what we do.

Need Precision Machining?

Innovation, Leaders in Technology, Customer Satisfaction

Environmental Policy

Spartan is focused on waste prevention and recycling – what is considered as waste often contains valuable resources that can be used in intelligent ways. At Spartan Precision Machining we work towards reducing our resource consumption while avoiding needless waste of materials. We will operate in compliance with all federal, state and local environment legislation that relate to our aspects and continually work towards exceeding them.

Quality Policy

Spartan will work to provide products that meet or exceed the quality and delivery requirements of our customers. Our emphasis will always be on continuous improvements for our customers and staff. Quality is not just reserved for our products and services as we strive to provide a healthy and safe working environment. All aspects of our organization are dedicated towards continuous improvements.

Our machine list

[6] CNC Mill With 4th Axis Ability

Max table size 52″x 23″x 28″

[9] CNC Lathe With Live Tooling Ability

Max Swing 26″

[3] CNC Swiss Machines

[2] Manual Lathe

Max Swing 50″

[12] Acme Screw Machines

[1] Visual Inspection Machine

[1] Wire EDM

Table Size 29″ X 23″
Max Depth Of Cut At 10.5″

[1] EDM Drill

[1] Saws

Max Width Of Cut At 28.25″
& Height Of 19″

[1] Radial Drill

9″ Column

[1] Coordinate-Measuring Machine

Various Other Pieces Of Inspection Equipment