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The deadline was a must.

Spartan Delivered.

“Spartan delivered” is what we expect all of our customers and trade partners to say.  The idea is simple, provide our customers a place where they can receive a product that meets their expectations, with delivery, quality and a level of customer service that exceed it. Spartan has one true priority: to make your business a success.  With our flexible hours of operation and capable staff, let us be your trusted provider of precision machined parts.

Quality Assurance


Delivering your parts exactly as promised.

No matter what kind of screw machine parts you need, our equipment and skilled machinists can deliver your parts on time, to print, and more efficiently than our competitors. We are capable of machining a wide range of materials and sizes; there is nothing too big or too small.

We have over 30 multi-spindle and single-spindle screw machines consisting of:

Acme Gridley Multi-Spindle Screw Machines
Davenport Multi-Spindle Screw Machines
Brown and Sharpe Screw Machines
Tsugami Swiss CNC Machines


Producing your most complicated parts faster.

If you have complex parts that need to be produced, then we have a solution. No matter the size of the order, our Tsugami Swiss style CNC machines can complete the job on time with unmatched quality. These high-precision machines are capable of holding tight tolerances and excellent repeatability on virtually any type or size of material. With our automatic bar feed capabilities, delivering those large production runs on time is a reality.


Meeting your needs from prototype to production.

From prototype to production runs, our machining equipment delivers quality parts on time. Our machines have beds up to 60″ x 30” which allows us to accommodate many large jobs. We are capable of machining many different materials, so there is virtually nothing out of our scope of capabilities.

CNC Lathe

We can turn it

With our live tooling lathes almost any part configuration is possible. From round to hex or hex into round, we can turn it.

Wire EDM

CNC Controlled

Capable of up to 10″ of depth our CNC EDM can make your parts possible.

Spartan Precision Machining Inc.

Our machine list

[6] CNC Mill With 4th Axis Ability

Max table size 52″x 23″x 28″

[9] CNC Lathe With Live Tooling Ability

Max Swing 26″

[3] CNC Swiss Machines

[2] Manual Lathe

Max Swing 50″

[12] Acme Screw Machines

[1] Visual Inspection Machine

[1] Wire EDM

Table Size 29″ X 23″
Max Depth Of Cut At 10.5″

[1] EDM Drill

[1] Saws

Max Width Of Cut At 28.25″
& Height Of 19″

[1] Radial Drill

9″ Column

[1] Coordinate-Measuring Machine

Various Other Pieces Of Inspection Equipment

No matter high or low volume runs Spartan has you covered.
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Competitive pricing with your delivery date as a priority. We strive to help everyone of our customers be successful because through your success comes ours.